Best ways to beat the summer heat with Water Slide and dunk tanks

Best ways to beat the summer heat with Water Slide and dunk tanks
As summer approaches we are all looking for ways to beat the heat. The warm weather and hot sun make the perfect opportunity for all families to get outside and enjoy the weather. While pools and sprinklers can be fun almost everyone has enjoyed these in the past. Water parks on average cost about 43 dollars per person and this can get expensive. If you are looking for a new and fun way to keep your family engaged this summer you should highly consider using water slides and dunk tanks. Here are some of the best ways to have fun with them this summer.

#1) Rent Them For The Day

If you want to escape the heat for a day you can find a party rental company like Amazing Jumps that can come set up a water slide or dunk tank for you and your family to use. You can typically set these up in your driveway, yard, or even sidewalk. You and your family will have fun for hours and hours with these new toys. Each person can take a turn in the dunk tank.

If you want to be the hottest thing on the block you can invite your friends and neighbors over to join in on the fun. When it comes to these two water toys the more people the better. Everyone can bring their bathing suits and take turns getting soaked.

#2) Make Your Own Water Slide

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to enjoying a water slide you can get creative and make your own water slide. To make your own water slide you will need a tarp, or a few tarps and water. You may want to use duct tape to tape your tarps together. All you need to do is then lay the tarps down on a gradual slope and let the hose run. Once the tarps are wet you and your family can all take turns going down the slide.

Make sure that there is nothing sharp or rough at the end of the slide. This could cause injury and stop the fun immediately. If your kids are a little bit older and are looking for ways to go faster you can use some soap to help slicken the slide. This will make each person go down the hill much faster. It also means you will go much farther so watch out!

#3) Create A Dunk Tank Tournament

If you are really looking to get creative you can host a dunk tank tournament. No matter how old or young you are this tournament will be a blast. You can change the tournament-style to fit the needs of the different ages of people. For example, if it is all adults playing you may want to host a trivia dunk tank tournament. This is a great way to get adults involved in having fun. You can create teams, ask questions, and throw the balls to see which team is the winner.

If you have young children the tournament may be as simple as you can knock the most people into the water. You can try asking them some simple school questions or fun questions to help them join in the fun that the adults are having. This tournament style of dunk tank play works great with some added food and beverages to help keep the party going all day long.

#4) Carnival Style Games

We all love the fun that carnivals bring to our town. While many of us wait until a carnival comes to town to take part in these styles of games, you can make them in your own backyard. If you have a lot of children or if your children have a lot of friends you can invite everyone over to your home for a few hours on the weekend. You can create a backyard water slide, get some water balloons and water guns.

Each child can take turns going down the water slide while the other kids take turns throwing water balloons and squirting the tarps with the water guns. This works great for children over the age of about ten. If the children are any younger than this the game could be a little scary and dangerous. You can also use these materials to make other styles of carnival games, like a water balloon toss or even water balloon pinata.

If you are looking to have fun in the sun this summer some of the best toys that you can rent, make, or invest in for long term use are dunk tanks and water slides. People and children of all ages will be able to enjoy these water toys. You can get as creative as you want and come up with many different variations of each game to make the fun last even longer.