Corporate Entertainment: How to Hire It

Choosing entertainment for a business event may be a daunting process for many individuals. The entertainment you choose must be professional and appropriate for a wide range of audiences. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to fall into the corporate trap of performing “the same old thing” year after year.

How vital is it for your company to maintain its current clientele and employees? Client and employee gratitude may enhance morale, build business connections, and help your firm expand. Having the appropriate entertainment at your event can help you achieve this!

So, how can you break away from the norm and schedule innovative and intriguing entertainment for your group? Here are some tips to help you with the recruiting process.

1. Make a schedule for your event

Make a plan for how you want the evening to unfold. If you know what kind of entertainment you’ll have, you can design your event around it. Otherwise, develop a schedule for the various events. If you haven’t decided on entertainment yet, make sure to allow room in your schedule for changes. The room’s structure and agenda may alter based on the musician you want to see.

2. Know Your Budget

Before visiting artists to inquire about their shows, know how much you can spend on entertainment. The amount of entertainment you receive is frequently determined by how much money you have to spend on a performer. Every event has a budget, which you must stick to in order to satisfy your requirements. Choosing an entertainment only because they are the cheapest might, however, be disastrous. To put things in perspective, you might want to figure out how much money you have set aside for entertainment or activities “per person.” Your visitors will soon forget about the best food and drinks, but high-quality entertainment will leave an emotional effect and a lasting impression. What generates lasting memories is how much fun people had at your event.

3. Be ready to talk about your event and your budget.

Any professional entertainer will ask you questions about your event, such as the sort of event you’re hosting, the number of attendees you expect, whether the event has a theme, a rough timeframe, and so on. They’re determining if their act is a suitable fit for your group and function by doing so. They could even be able to suggest enhancements to your event that you hadn’t considered! Inquire about any special packages offered by the artist. Your entertainment may provide a package to make your occasion even more memorable. You may find out whether they are inside your pricing range by discussing your budget with them. If this is the case, you may proceed with the procedure; if it is not, you are saving everyone time and should contact the next performer on your list.

4. Request a list of references as well as promotional materials.

Request references and promotional materials from the performer if you feel comfortable with them after your initial contact and you both agree that they would be a suitable match for your group. Most entertainers, if not all, have websites that contain most, if not all, of their promotional materials. If an entertainment is unable to offer you with references, you should not hire them.

5. Check out the promotional materials and call references.

You could have further questions for the artist after calling references and looking through promotional material. Give them a call to get all of your inquiries and concerns handled.

Make sure your performer is a corporate entertainment professional who is familiar with the demands and expectations of a business setting. A comic who routinely performs “R” rated performances in comedy clubs or a magician who works mostly at children’s birthday parties are unlikely to be appropriate candidates for a normal business conference!

6. Inquire about a guarantee

When it comes to planning a business event, you want to be as stress-free as possible. If an entertainer does a good performance and has appropriate expertise, they should be prepared to offer a guarantee. Ascertain what they promise!

7. Make a Contract Request

The performer should supply you with a contract describing your agreement, as well as the date, place, and any other arrangements that have been agreed upon. Unless you’re scheduling a superstar artist, the contract will most likely be only a few pages long.

The contract should spell out what you’ll be responsible for supplying for the event, such as a sound system or lighting, as well as what the performer will give. Some of this information may be included in a Technical Rider that is provided along with the contract. Deposits (usually 50% of the entire amount), travel expenses, per diem charges, meals, and transportation should all be included in the agreement. All of this should have been mentioned during the original phone contact, and the agreement should not include any surprises. Most performers need the contract to be signed and returned with the deposit within a particular amount of time after it is sent.

8. Make an effort to communicate

Your performer is there to make your occasion more enjoyable. Keeping him or her up to date on any modifications to your event can help them put on the performance you want, especially if you have any bespoke content. It is critical to deliver the necessary information to them as soon as possible if they are performing a bespoke performance for your occasion.

A professional performer will also arrive early to set up and do sound checks prior to the planned show time.

9. Promote the Event

Promote the fantastic entertainment you’ve arranged for the event to get people enthusiastic about it! Your performer should be able to assist you with this by supplying articles, news releases, or images that you can utilise in your event brochure to generate excitement. Some artists are willing to offer “teaser” performances to entice people to attend your event!

10. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy the show!

You may be certain that the performer you’ve hired is a professional by following these simple procedures. You’ve put in a lot of effort up to this point, so relax and appreciate what you’ve created!